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60 years of Victorian fashions


A quick journey through the fashions from 1838 to 1898!
Hope you enjoy the brief outline of the main fashion trends during the Victorian era.
the footage is mostly time lapse - but dont worry, many of the items will be made into indivudual videos with slower footage and a lot more information and details shown.

The patterns and instructions on how to make the dresses shown (and many more, including undergarments....) are included in my book, The Victorian Dressmaker, coming out June 2018!

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As aways, I will try to answer any serious questions in the comments, but all rude or pointless remarks that don't add to the discussion will be removed.


All clothing by Prior Attire

Hats by Sherri Light from

Shoes and boots by American Duchess

Maid - Sian Hogarth from The Timetrippers
Location - Saracen House Studio, Milton

A collection of waltzes by Strauss, and La
donna e Mobile by Verdi, from Free Music
Archive How to Make Trifle - The Victorian Way. Laurel Gown: 16th century Venetian Dress Diary. Our Victorian Royal Wedding Video - Lars Holte & Katrina Casey. Making a 15th Century Princess Gown Part 1 || Historical Reconstruction. The making of DeMuse Merinda Doll. Following a 1908 Skirt Pattern - Sewing through the Decades. Civil War Fashion: King Cotton. How to Make Breakfast - The Victorian Way. Making 17th Century Stays - Historical Corsetry. Hair History: 13th - 15th Century | Late Middle Ages.

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