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6 Signs You’re Dealing With a Toxic Person


How to know that you’re dealing with a toxic person? They do exist, and chances are we’ve met one or 2. Sometimes they might not realize they’re causing harm to others. There are situations that might be putting us at risk and, without us knowing it, damaging our sense of worth. Fortunately, there are warning signs you can look for to see if the person you’re dealing with is a toxic person.

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Toxic people play the victim 1:02
Emotional abuse 2:52
Pathological liars 4:07
Toxic people seek to control 5:25
People who don’t respect boundaries 6:32
Negative people 7:59


- People who struggle with the victim mentality don’t think they have power over their lives, and they blame other people and circumstances for how unhappy they are. They also avoid responsibility. Have you ever been in a situation where you believed someone owed you an apology but, by the end of the conversation, you ended up apologizing instead? That is a classic victim attitude, in which they flip the situation.
- Emotional abuse can be one of the most painful forms of violence and a killer of self-esteem. It can be verbal: yelling, belittling, criticism, and accusing. It can also be subtle: intimidation, manipulation, and the “silent treatment.”
- Pathological liars take lying to the extreme. A pathological liar is someone who constantly tells lies, usually in an effort to protect their image. They are masters of manipulation and can lie straight to your face. They tend to be impulsive people with a deep need to impress. Their lies might not always have a purpose, and sometimes they might lie to you just because they can.
- Some toxic people can be master manipulators, and they are clever about hiding their true intentions. Controlling people might want to know where you are and who you are with. They might be vocal about it or try to control you in more subtle ways.
- Toxic people project their vulnerabilities and insecurities onto another person in the form of anger and bullying. They are incapable of respecting boundaries. They can’t process their own toxicity, so they deal with it by putting it onto someone else.
- Everyone can feel negative sometimes. But toxic people wish to share their negativity with the world, and it can spread like wildfire. They can only speak of bad news or negative stories and complain nonstop.

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