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5G Mobile Internet: Routers Hotspots u0026 Antennas Are Here - Should You Wait? (Mid-2021 Update)

Mobile Internet Resource Center

Join us for our updated guidance to help you time making your 5G cellular device purchases for mobile internet in an RV or boat.

The summer of 2021 is turning into the summer of 5G with new 5G cellular integrated routers hitting the market from Peplink, MoFi, Insty Connect, Cradlepoint, and Sierra Wireless.

Flagship 5G mobile hotspots are already on the market too. And 5G smartphones are mainstream already, with the iPhone 12 and all the latest Android flagships incorporating support for fifthgeneration cellular.

Does this mean that it is time to upgrade old gear to prepare for an exciting new 5G future?

Or does it make sense to wait on 5G perhaps another six months, or a year or two?

There is no simple answer.

So sit back with a tasty snack or beverage for our mid2021 update on the state of 5G Cellular Data for use as mobile internet. This one is packed full of content.

And if a 30minute video isn't enough for you... never fear, there's more! Follow up with our full article that contains more geeky details for those who want to dive deeper:

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0:00 Intro
0:40 What is 5G?
1:40 The Three Layer Bands of 5G
4:42 Verizon 5G Status
7:24 AT&T 5G Status
9:46 TMobile 5G Status
12:50 5G Hardware Routers, Hotspots & Smartphones
17:32 5G Modem Chipsets
20:15 When Should You Get 5G?
22:36 5G Signal Enhancing Antennas & Boosters
25:30 Data Plans
27:07 Conclusion

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