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52 Movies Based on Bible Stories That Your Kids Will Love

Hope+ Kids

Are you looking for Bible Stories for kids? Then you're in the right place! In this video, we're featuring 52 different Bible Stories for kids, narrated by awardwinning children's narrator, Clyde Phillips.

These Bible Stories are perfect for children of all ages, and will help teach your children the basics of the Bible. Whether you're a homeschooler, a Sunday school teacher, or just want to introduce your kids to the Bible, these stories are a great way to do so. Be sure to check out this video, and enjoy some of the best Bible Stories for kids!

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A large collection of 52 interesting stories from the Bible for children.

00:00 Stronger Than Egypt`s Idols
06:19 A Night to Remember
11:00 Miraculous Rescue!
16:54 A Picture of God
22:20 Broken Stones
26:58 A Home for God
30:52 Help Wanted
34:56 A Beautiful House
39:22 For All People
43:56 The Runaway Prophet
48:42 Something Smells Fishy
53:35 Out of Darkness
58:17 Lessons From a Worm
01:03:21 Human Gods?
01:07:34 Come Help Us
01:11:51 The Unknown God
01:15:48 Miracle at Midnight
01:19:48 God`s Special Gift
01:24:41 First Place
01:29:25 In and Out of the Lion`s Den
01:34:25 Another New Law
01:38:11 The Right Choice
01:42:54 Who is My Neighbor?
01:47:29 Home Again!
01:52:14 Ready or Not...
01:57:12 You Did It for Me
02:02:28 Going Fishing
02:06:04 Living Water?
02:10:10 Help for the Hungry
02:12:34 Do You Love Me?
02:19:40 Twice Blessed
02:23:53 Namaan and the Dirty River
02:29:18 God cares about all my problems
02:33:20 More Than Meets the Eye
02:37:57 Favorite Son
02:42:54 Don`t Let Go!
02:47:37 Free at Last!
02:52:34 Finally Forgiven
02:58:36 Together Again
03:03:26 Come to Our House!
03:07:08 Messenger on a Mission
03:11:45 Return of the Runaway
03:15:59 Please Bring My Coat
03:20:34 Forgiveness Fire
03:25:33 More Time on the Clock
03:30:07 Jars of Clay
03:35:15 NehemiahGod`s Builder
03:39:50 Back to the Future
03:44:50 Look, He`s Speechless!
03:50:06 Can`t Wait to Tell!
03:55:07 Do You Hear What I Hear?
03:59:11 Spread the Joy

Narrated by Frenita Buddy Fullwood
Created and Produced by Falvo Fowler
Post Production by Faith Toh at Studio Elpizo (Singapore)
Theme Music by Clayton Kinney
Animation and Artwork by Diogo Godoy
Audio engineer was Maurice Bailey

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