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500HP Dodge SRT4 265K Miles & 500 Drag Passes! - 'The Red Rocket'

That Racing Channel

On this episode we feature Chris and his super badass 2005 Dodge SRT-4! This is officially the first SRT-4 on TRC and it couldn't be with a better car/owner. This is the definition of a street/strip car, with over 265k road miles and well over 500 drag strip runs this car is one heck of a street machine. Watch the video to learn all about Chris and the journey with his SRT-4. Enjoy! Decibel Meter vs Cars on the Dyno | RPM S6 E46. 500HP Sleeper Civic Smokes Supercar on the Street! - $5000 Budget Build. ROWDY MR2 on 40PSI 3SGTE Stroker - Launches on the Street! Rowdy K20 MR2 on 40PSI Encounters Supercar on the Highway! 1600HP MK3 Supra Street Pulls - 'The Great White'. We found a 1.6L 500hp CARBON FIBER Miata & More! Dodge Neon SRT4 ACR Review (finally). Hert Goes to Burnout School, Project Car Updates, and a Tour of JDM Heaven! Badass DIESELS UNLEASHED MARCH 2019. Rystang87 CAMARO vs. srt-4.

posted by frimija0l