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500HP Dodge SRT4 265K Miles & 500 Drag Passes! - 'The Red Rocket'

That Racing Channel

On this episode we feature Chris and his super badass 2005 Dodge SRT-4! This is officially the first SRT-4 on TRC and it couldn't be with a better car/owner. This is the definition of a street/strip car, with over 265k road miles and well over 500 drag strip runs this car is one heck of a street machine. Watch the video to learn all about Chris and the journey with his SRT-4. Enjoy! Evo or Srt4?! Best turbo cars ! Stage 3 SRT-4 vs Evo. SRT-4 Neon Loved or Hated? | Build Sheet. 5 Things I love & hate about my SRT4. WILDEST SRT-4 EVER? Car Review! My 2005 Neon Srt4 Vs Another Mustang 5.0. Better NOT call it a Neon! 460hp 2005 Dodge SRT-4 - Raiti's Rides. Nitrous Hayabusa Feature - GTR & Lambo Killer?! Dodge SRT4 Neon Axle Replacement (2018). PICKING UP A 500HP SRT-4?!?

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