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$5000 F1 CAR!

Fast, Furious & Funny

If you have a gadget problem, and there’s no-one to help, then you need to visit, the Gadget Geeks... but not this week you can’t, because this is the Gadget Geeks Formula One special! Inspired by his love of formula one, Colin Furze has set himself a challenge: with just 5 grand and some F1 tech know-how, he’s going to take a second hand rust bucket and turn it into a racing car that can beat a top of range sports car. But he has some help. Rory Reid, Gadget Geek and car journalist is going to be his right hand man; and F1 Channel presenter Georgie Thompson, an honourary Gadget Geek for the week, is making sure he gets the best advice from F1’s top engineers, and tips from the fastest men in the world.

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The Gadget Geeks are six of the most clued-up technology gurus in the country. Across all the current and upcoming trends, they test, tweak and construct the ideal devices to meet viewers' needs. As well as reviewing the coolest high-end electronics, and guiding consumers through the minefield of cutting-edge technology, there are real-world tests for everything from smartphones to stereo systems. Nothing gets our geeks more excited than developing a bespoke gadget from scratch - why settle for an electric car when it can be transformed into a mini-monster truck? If you've got a technology issue, call the Gadget Geeks. Join technology journalists Rory Reid, Ian Morris and Emma Barnett - as they test lots of different gizmos in quite odd and extreme ways, all in the name of technology. And the in-house geeks of Tom Scott, Colin Furze, and Charles Yarnold - three genuine geeks by trade, who create a series of logic-defying products from scratch which people have previously only dreamt of. Chip Fat Electricity! What It's Like To Drive An F1 Car! *Emotional*. Jet Powered Kids Scooter. Magician Hologram. Building a MotorHorse??? Walking Stick Tazer. We Build The CHEAPEST 10 SEC HONDA EVER ! DIY X-MEN Making MAGNETO shoes. Crazy loud Exhaust Mod - Scrimp my Ride. $100 TOURING RIG CHALLENGE - Sick Puppy 4x4.

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