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5 Times Kobe Bryant Absolutely OWNED His Competition (Ft. Michael Jordan and a Lot of Trash Talk)


Kobe Bryant is the black mamba and in the NBA has moments where he absolutely destroyed his opponent no matter who he was vs.
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Kobe Bryant is known to be the Black Mamba with a killer mentality and so over his career there have been times when Kobe has absolutely destroyed his opponent and those times have been crazy.


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Kobe Bryant may be the most savage player in NBA history and is a guy who would stop at nothing. Sometimes that came at the expense of his opponent cause Kobe has no regard for human life. I mean, he didn’t even flinch. The 50K giveaway is out in my last video with sneakers and jerseys and as always hit that like button. If we hit 1500 likes in the first day, I’ll release a video within the next two days!

Number 1 Kobe Dropped 55 On The GOAT

Kobe and Jordan had a brotherly love relationship, but of course they were competitive, so when in 2003 Jordan is making his last trip to Staples Center and scores 11 points including a dunk off a steal in the first quarter giving the Wizards a lead, Kobe turned on the mamba mentality. Kobe would then score 23 straight points. He would end with a franchise record 42 points in the first half including 8 3 pointers and at one point 9 consecutive shots. Years later on Jimmy Kimmel, Kobe said that Jordan was trash talking after the dunk in the first quarter and so Kobe was not going to take that. Kobe finished the game with 55 points and the Lakers got the dub. Jordan finished with 23 and even though he wasn’t in his prime, Jordan got destroyed by Kobe and he did it to himself. I wonder though, if both Kobe and Jordan were in their primes, who would win in a 1 v 1?

Number 2 Kobe 62, Mavericks 61

Kobe came off the bench for the first two years of his career and held a grudge against his coach at the time, Del Harris. Kobe would even say that he didn’t like Del. And so when he saw his old coach on the sidelines as an assistant coach on the Mavericks on December 20, 2005, Kobe had more fuel. Many people know that day for the time Kobe scored 62 points in 3 quarters when he outscored the Mavericks by himself in 3 quarters. He scored 30 in the 3rd quarter. The Mavericks would win 60 games that season and were one of the best teams in the NBA, but they had no answer for Kobe. The Mavericks head coach Avery Johnson said they tried everything but nothing worked.

Number 3 Kobe Doesn’t Take Prisoners

Kobe wasn’t just a savage in the NBA, he was a killer in high school too. Everyday, Kobe would take a benchwarmer on the team and play him to 100. Kobe won every single game. The worst game was 100-12, although Kobe swears he never let his teammate get to double digits. To do that over and over again, Kobe pretty much broke his opponent.

Number 4 The 2009 Finals

After Kobe had won 3 rings with Shaq, all media were doubting Kobe’s ability to win a championship without Shaq. To make things worse, Kobe and the Lakers had lost in the 2008 NBA Finals including the 39 point loss to the Celtics in Game 6 in 2008. Add to the fact that guys like Turkoglu were guarding Kobe and it was barbecue chicken. So Kobe came out the gates in game 1 having 40, 8 and 8 and won by 25. During the whole series, Kobe averaged 32 points, 7 and a half assists, and 5 and a half rebounds while destroying the Magic in 5 games. Kobe Bryant would get his first finals MVP and shut all his haters up because he had carried his team to a championship.

Number 5 Kobe Scores 81

Kobe’s 81 was one of the best examples of him straight up destroying his opponent. The Raptors would be up ahead against the Lakers in the 3rd quarter by 18. Kobe had already been giving the Raptors the work scoring 26 in the first half but it wasn’t enough. Kobe took it in his own hands to will his team. Kobe dropped 27 in the 3rd quarter and by the end of the game, would have 81. Every single Raptors player would say that there was just no way to stop him. Bosh said that they were just watching him shoot.

To me, it’s crazy how Kobe can kick it up another gear, especially when challenged and when he does kick it up another gear, I don’t think there is anyone that could guard him. I know a lot of people have Kobe in different places in their all time rankings and I get that, but let’s not forget about the time Kobe could absolutely destroy his opponent. But what do you think about these stories? Is Kobe the most unguardable player in NBA history when he’s hot? Who would win a 1 v 1 between Kobe and Jordan?

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