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5 Songs You've Never Heard That You've Heard 1000 Times


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The Songs:
I Got a Woman - Ray Charles
(Appears in "Gold Digger"by Kanye West)

Must Be Jesus - The Southern Tones
(Appears in "I Got a Woman" by Ray Charles)

I Got The... - Labi Siffre
(Appears in "My Name Is" by Eminem)

Why Can't We Live Together - Timmy Thomas
(Appears in "Hotline Bling" by Drake)

What a Man - Linda Lyndell
(Appears in "Whatta Man" by Salt n Pepa)

Found a Child - Ballin' Jack
(Appears in "Groove is in the Heart" by Deeee-Lite)

The Barbershop Quartet from the beginning

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