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5 Signs You Are HIGHLY Intelligent!


Are you average, smart, or highly intelligent? You are more of a genius than you think! Here are five signs that you are very intelligent. If you are smart, you are not afraid to ask questions, because you question the status quo. Also, you might be self-critical and are looking for ways to self-improve, rather than being a narcissist who does not acknowledge their own faults, flaws, and weaknesses. Highly intelligent people love projects, such as DIY ideas, home repair, and creating new recipes! If you are messy, this could be a sign that you are highly intelligent. Messiness and disorganization are correlated with increased creativity. Finally, you may be highly intelligent if you don't think that you're smart! Confusing, right? The Dunning-Kruger effect is one in which people with a low level of competence tend to overestimate their abilities. On the other hand, highly competent individuals tend to sell themselves short. A person's intelligence depends on various factors, and are not limited to just grades, IQ score, nor emotional intelligence.

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