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5 Reasons You SHOULD/NOT Buy the Airpods Pro

Jimmy Tries World

It’s been three months since the release of the AirPods Pro, and these things are selling like crazy. But, I’ve had these bad boys since the first day they came out, and I’ve used them daily. And I mean Every day, in my room, on the bus, on the plane, and even the streets. I love them. But I also hate them. So, I’m here to tell you 5 reasons why you should, and 5 reasons you shouldn’t buy the AirPods Pro. Let’s get started.

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The AirPods Pros pair seamlessly with your apple devices, much like the regular airpods, and the beats pro. And just like those devices, when you open the airpods pro case, the airpods pros just go clingy on you and shoves the battery information onto your iphone screen.

The downside is, on devices other than those with the fruit logo, you have to pair it using the regular old Bluetooth method. All other devices just take longer to setup and use with your airpods.

The thing I personally like most about the airpods pro case is how strong the magnets are. And this is true for all airpods, the magnets holding the earbuds inside the case are pretty strong, don’t fall out easily, and they snap into place quite easily, making them harder to lose. Which isn’t true about some other wireless earbuds I’ve tried on this channel.

That leads us into our next con, the price. If you do end up losing them, or any part of them, it is expensive to get them replaced. I lost the case of mine about a month in, and it cost me 100 dollars to replace the case alone. Poor Ben Franklin looked at me crazy as I handed him over for an electric container of floss.

Like most wireless earbuds the airpods pro come with some on ear features like, squeeze once to play pause or pick up the phone, squeeze twice to switch songs, and squeeze three times to go back a song. You can do a long squeeze to switch between two of three different modes, noise cancelling and ambient sound mode, with the third mode, “dude, turn everything off”. Can be added through settings, or by just selecting it in the airpods pro settings.

The AirPods Pro can receive updates to their firmware, but it’s complex. Here’s how you do it.

The sound quality on the airpods pro is good. It’s not the absolute best, when looking at all the bluetooth earbuds I’ve tried. But it does sound better than the non-pro Airpods. There’s also even a nice little test to see if you’re using the right eartips to get the best sound quality and noise cancelling. It takes a few seconds and tells you if your ears are like little itty bitty rat sized ears, normal human ears, or dumbo sized ear holes.

Now here’s a big issue with the Pros, there was a firmware update to the Pros that people angry. It made the noise cancelling feature worse, there has been no new firmware update fixing this, and combined with how difficult updating the firmware is on these things, makes this potentially a not very fun experience for anyone.

The last pro of the airpods pro is that they are portable, even for wireless earbuds. Some other wireless earbuds, with their case, take up way to much space. Even Apple’s own Powerbeats Pro has a massive case. The portablility of it makes it easy to take with you and store it where you need, including a pocket with your wallet and keys in it.

The last con of the Airpods Pro is what happens when they get lost. See, when your iphone gets lost, you log onto icloud, and you can look for your phone, and see where it is, if it’s on of course. The airpods and airpods pro don’t work like this, when you lose them, you can’t track them unless someone opens the case. Which means if you really lost it somewhere, and no one ever opens it, you can’t ever find it. So, when I lost the airpods pro case, I tried constantly for a few days to try and find it, but I couldn’t ever get it to appear on the findmy app. Which I think is ridiculous. Did you know people losing their airpods is a huge thing for the New York subway? This is definitely an area for improvement.

So, the final question? Should you buy airpods Pro? I gave you plenty of reasons why you should, and reasons why you shouldn’t. And there more reasons out there as to why you should and why you shouldn’t buy them out there all over the internet.

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