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5 Reasons Not To Get A French Bulldog - Dogs 101

Animal Facts

5 Reasons Not To Get A French Bulldog Dogs 101 French Bulldogs are popular, as I’ve discussed in a recent video. They are currently number two on both the English Kennel Club’s and American Kennel Club’s popularity lists based on registrations. And they are certainly among the most seen dogs on this channel.

And generally speaking, Frenchies make great pets. They were bred to be. But they do come with perhaps more than their fair share of caveats. Let’s discover 5 reasons you should think twice about adopting a French Bulldog.

French Bulldog Dogs 101 Everything You Need to Know & More
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0:00 Introduction
0:40 Resource Guarding/Food Aggression
1:46 Lots of Health Issues
3:06 Snoring is a Thing
3:41 French Bulldogs Fart A LOT
4:48 Shedding and Allergies

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