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5 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Liar


How to spot a liar? What can be more intriguing than a true detective story in your real life? Here are 5 things that can show you that your interlocutor is insincere with you. As a bonus, we’ll show you an amazing 99% working method to distinguish between the lies and the truth.

Liars avoid mentioning themselves 1:09
A liar’s speech attitude is negative 2:03
A liar’s explanations are as simple as possible 2:38
A liar uses confusing wording 3:19
Liars use too many details in a simple story 4:12
BONUS 5:40

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Scientifically speaking, when we know we’re telling lies we can’t but feel nervous. That leads to faster heart beating and pupil dilation. All you need is to ask the question you want to be answered and watch the interlocutor strictly in the eyes when he answers. You’ll see everything you want. By the way, not only the pupils can give away the lies, but the inability to watch back.

Also, a liar thinks that details make the story true to life which is wrong. We do not memorize our automatic, habitual actions. There is a hint for this point: if you are not sure about the person, ask him or her to tell the whole story from the very beginning. If you are talking to a liar, he will be trapped in all his imaginary excessive details. Just try it and share the experience in the comment section below, it will be interesting!

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