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5 Amazing Acts Of Animal Heroism


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These five amazing acts of animal heroism really are amazing, They all show animals incredible loyalty too there owners and other animals.

Its always nice to see "vicious" dogs such as the Doberman & Pit bull perform such acts because many people think they are an extremely aggressive dog but its really the owner who plays a big part of the way the dog acts.

The Gorilla at brookfield Zoo was especially amazing as she really could have killed that boy with ease but instead decided to give him to the zoo workers.

The Hippo could have just watched the Zebra and Wildebeest drown in the river but instead decided to battle with the strong river to save them.

The Heroic Cat must have been overwhelmed with the Gas fumes as cats noses are much more sensitive than ours, so for her to go to wake up her owners and not just escape the strong fumes is miraculous!

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