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4 Yr old Indian Ringneck Sky, Talking, Tricks and Mirror test


Thanks to all Sky and Roxie's subscribers! Hope you have a wonderful 2016 A.D. Sky has really matured in the past year. The mirror test is a test to see if an animal is self-aware. For the fieldtrip clip in this video we waited til the highest temperature day of 50 degrees and wrapped each carrier in thick blankets going in and out of the store. When Sky says "want some milk" he is referring to unsweetened almond milk (Never cow's milk). **Parrots Require an Enormous amount of time and are very social and intelligent- Please don't get one if you plan on leaving him in a cage and taking him out on special occasions! They are a Huge commitment!!! Thanks for watching and have a safe and blessed 2016!

posted by vlaglyn30