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4 Reasons NOT to Drive for Lyft!

The Passive Driver

4 Reasons NOT to Drive for Lyft.
The Passive Driver

Lyft can be a great ride share app to make income for anyone looking to make some extra cash or even a full time living.

But like anything else in this world there are a few reasons that you may not even want to drive for Lyft.

In this video I talk about just a few of the reasons that someone might choose to pass up on this opportunity and why!

You might find this information very useful if your thinking about signing up to drive for Lyft but don't know if it's the right job for you.

1.The first reason I give as why not to drive for Lyft is because maybe you don't like to have Small Talk! Small Talk is inevitable when it comes to driving for Lyft. There is practically no way around it.

2.The second reason why you should not drive for Lyft is if you want to preserve the life of your car. The fact of the matter is that when you drive for lyft or any ride share platform you will begin to put a ton of wear and tear on your car.

As a full time driver I will usually put about 5000 miles per month on my car and that's only driving 40 hours per week. So even if you decided to drive for Lyft part time beware that your mileage will add up over time.

3. The third reason not to Drive for Lyft is if you hate being alone. While you will meet more people then your average person doing this job, no real relationships are builded. Yes you can network and meet up with people because of the job but for the most part you will be alone when there are no passengers in the car. This can get old after a few months and if you don't like being alone then this is not the job for you.

4. The fourth reason not to Drive for Lyft is if you hate being in traffic or driving in general. This job requires you to go many places throughout your city and often times you will be put in tough driving situations. You have to be very aware and focus as you are responsible for the lives of others.

Bonus.... Reason not to Drive for Lyft! ROAD RAGE!!! 😡

If you feel like none of these things will bother you and you want to make money driving for Lyft.
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