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4 Easy Ways To Make Small Talk With Anyone

Charisma on Command

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This video will give you 4 go-to techniques for making small talk with anyone :-)

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What’s the goal of small talk? Think of small talk as a way to A.) learn about each other or learn what’s new with each other, B.) see if you connect on anything and want to form or strengthen a relationship, and C.) enjoy yourself.

This video will show you how to do that without asking a bunch of questions and making it feel like an interview, and avoid forced conversation or awkward silences.

0:56 What's the point of small talk?
1:37 How to combine a compliment & a cold read to replace a boring question with interesting, fun conversation
2:59 The kinds of questions that lead to excited conversation that flows naturally vs. the questions that lead to awkward silences
4:36 My favorite conversation game that is easy to work into conversation without it seeing weird, and makes small talk enjoyable for both people
5:44 How to guide the conversation towards things you're interested in, by eliciting their advice/opinion

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