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3D Holographic Projector - Voxiebox VX1 - Video 1

Voxon Photonics

Voxon Photonic Engine
In technical terms, Voxon’s technology is a volumetric display. At its core is an ultra high-speed digital light engine and a highly optimized volume rendering engine. This unique combination of hardware and software is capable of projecting over half a billion points of light every second into physical volumetric space. How to make a Cell Phone Projector - dArtofScience. 3D Hologram LED Fan - Perfect for Advertising and Entertaining. viSio - volumetric 3D display device - explanation. Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram | 4K. Transparent Displays - How Transparent Displays Work? Advanced Tech! SUPASTAR innovations - LED Fan 3D hologram display presentation at Kempinski hotel. How To Make Hologram Projector In 2 Minutes. Cómo Hacer Un Holograma Con Tu Teléfono - Holograma Y Moldes Para Pirámide De 4 Caras Gratis. Turn Any Table into a Touchscreen? 7 SCI-FI MOVIE'S GADGETS That Really Exist !

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