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居家30分鐘全身性徒手運動 (無器材、無跳躍) At-home 30 min full body workout | no jumping and no equipment needed

May Fit

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Lower Body:
Squat twist
Slow sumos
Squat pulses
Lunge with knee drive (right)
Lunge with knee drive (left)
Reverse lunge pulses
Alternative Skater touch
Lunge and curtsy (right)
Lunge and curtsy (left)
Hip thrust on toes
Hip thrust on toes hold
Single leg thrust with 3 secs hold (right)
Single leg thrust with 3 secs hold (left)
1 & 1/2 frog pump
Reverse hyper
Reverse hyper abduction

Upper Body and Core :
Crawl into shoulder taps
Plank high twist
Plank head touch
Spider plank
Y extensions
Back hold
Hand release knee down push up
Diamond ½ hold push up
Leg raises circle
Flutter kick
Single leg crunch
Single leg crunch
Alternative crunch
Full body sit ups

Bra: under armour
Bottom: AMME

Music by Disco Shrine Hello​
Music by Axl & Arth Rather Not​
Music by Emma Kern Dancing Like​
Music by Fiji Blue Space Makes Me Sad​
Music by Parisalexa Like Me Better​
Music by Neovaii Runaway​
Music by Elli Moore Somebody To Talk To​
Music by Bad Parties Who's Gonna Love Ya​
Music by Elli Moore Gateway​
Music by Animus Volt Kalypso​

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