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3 Steps To Get Involved Into Government Contracting - David u0026 Donni featuring Fox Wade

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This conversation is about how to successfully secure government contracts. Once the contract is secured it’s time to think about who’s going to run the company. This is a worthwhile investment opportunity. The government understands that small businesses are helpful to the economy.

Fox Wade, CEO of Black Fox, is a business owner that is involved in Government Contracting.
Black Fox is a business that provides services to federal, state, and local government agencies and entities.
Their biggest contract to date is worth 5.6 million and has secured an additional 35 million dollar contract.

What are three 3 steps to get involved into gov’t contracting?

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Start with local gov’t. Attend board of commissioners meetings where they tell you what contracts are needed.

Make sure that your business is incorporated(Understand the business structure that works for your company)


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04:23 Lesson Of The Week

16:07 Pimping Out

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21:04 Army Strong

28:24 Mindset Makes A Difference

31:35 Who Knew

40:17 Commercial Break

41:17 Government Issued Contract

51:18 Hiring A CEOMinded Individual

59:32 Life Before Contracting

1:06:35 Multiple Personalities

1:10:40 Million Dollar Contract

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