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3 Mystery Riddles Only 1% of the Brightest Minds Can Crack


3 mystical riddles for those who believe In the paranormal. Here is your chance to feel like agents Scully and Mulder from “The X-Files” and solve some mysteries of the paranormal world. Are you ready? Then let’s give it a try!

Reflections 0:27
The Ghost and the King 3:12
Escaping the zombies 7:14

№1. You are entering a room with 4 mirrors. Look closely at each of them.
Each mirror reflects a paranormal being. Three of them are illusory, and only one is real. Three creatures lie, and only one is telling the truth. Your task is to find out which of them exists. Here is what they want to tell you:
The Skeleton claims that it is reflected in either mirror 2 or mirror 3.
The Ghost says you can see its reflection in either mirror 1 or mirror 4.
According to the Vampire, his reflection is in mirror 3.
The Witch assures you she is definitely not in mirror 4.
Now it’s your time to draw the right conclusions. In which of the mirrors is the existing creature reflected?

№2. There once was a kingdom where a wise king Rupert was the ruler. He had a cousin James who was a true master of poisons dreaming of power. James was mean and evil and stabbed to death in one of the fights. Even after his death, he stalked Rupert as a ghost stuck in between the worlds. James said he would only let go of the King if he managed to solve his poison riddle. If he failed, Rupert would join his cousin in death as revenge for the crown James had never had. (ah c’mon guys, can’t we all just get along? Apparently not.)
There were 12 poisons all marked 1 to 12 according to the fatality degree. So 1 was rather weak, and 12 led to death with no exceptions. Each poison higher on the fatality scale could neutralize the previous one. So 12 could cancel the effect of all other potions if you took it immediately after any other poison. All poisons were colorless and smelled like nothing, resembling water.
King Rupert took all the odd-numbered poisons. James had all the even numbered poisons and was ready to celebrate the victory. They filled the cups for each other in turns. Quite unexpectedly, the King managed to win, and the ghost of James was banished forever. Can you guess what King Rupert did?

№3. Once upon a time, in a secret lab high in the mountains, there was a young intern. By accident, he dropped a test tube with an experimental virus that turned people into zombies. (Hey, how come they never turn into Charlie’s Angels, or the lifeguards from Baywatch?) well, For some reason, the virus did not affect everyone. The intern, the lab assistant, the technician and the old professor didn’t turn into the living dead. All they want to do is escape from the lab, and you’re the only one who can help them.
There is just one way to safety – to the top of another mountain across an old suspension bridge.
The professor did some math and figured out that they’ve got 17 minutes before the zombies get to the bridge. Even if one zombie sets foot on the bridge, it will collapse. (of course) The only way to save everyone is to figure out a way to move them to the other side before time runs out. It’s not that easy to do it. The bridge is only strong enough for two people at the same time. And, you all can’t walk with the same speed.
The intern is the athletic type and can cross the bridge in 1 minute.
The lab assistant has never done any sports but is young and can get there in 2 minutes.
The technician is pretty massive and will need 5 minutes to carry his muscly body to the other side.
The old professor uses a walking cane and crossing the bridge will take him 10 minutes.
And, since it’s all happening at night, you can’t move without a flashlight. They only had enough time to grab one of those, and it’s running out of battery, so it’s only good to light a little area around. Whoever is crossing the bridge will need the flashlight.
Let’s see if your math knowledge and logic can help you save the poor fellows from turning into zombies!

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