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25 Things That Rich And Poor People Use Completely Differently

Alpha Paw

It shouldn't be that hard to think of differences between rich people and poor people. These days you can barely turn on the TV or check the news without hearing about inequality.It's a serious issue no doubt, and it has the potential to turn our society on its head if it's not addressed.

However, today we're going to be doing something else. In a rather lighthearted way, we're going to take a look at the things that rich people and poor people actually have in common. Okay, not entirely in common.While both groups use these things in one way or another, they typically use them completely differently. Before we continue, one thing to note is that this list is going to add a bit of humor to a normally quite heavy topic. That was intentional on our behalf.We believe that even humor and goodnatured jokes can be used to invoke critical thinking about the way that the world is structured and the things going on around us. At least that is what we hope we can do with this list.



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posted by orla17ra