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25 STUPID Government Regulations (That Will Make You Shake Your Head)


There are many unbelievably stupid government regulations. Some of these stupid government regulations may affect you more than you know. These are 25 stupid government regulations that will make you shake your head.

How were these stupid government regulations ever passed? After you learn about these stupid government regulations you are going to want to run for office! See our full list of stupid government regulation (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave a comment on the video to let us know which stupid government regulation you would change:

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Did you know that in Oregon people have gotten in trouble for collecting rainwater? There’s also a law that penalizes people for injuring a government owned lamp. Here’s another stupid government law for you: it’s a Federal crime to sell wine with the words “Zombie” written on it. Are you looking into becoming a computer technician? In Texas, you have to have a private investigator’s license to do so. Learn about these and other stupid government regulations in today’s video.

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