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25 Strict Rules Marvel Actors Have To Follow

Screen Rant

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Marvel is a massive powerhouse in Hollywood. With Disney’s backing, the MCU has gone from a humble beginning with Iron Man, to being a historic cinematic franchise. They’ve turned the niche genre of superhero films into a mainstream success. Time and time again they’ve broken various box office records. Especially with the commercial success of Avengers: Endgame! And with that power, Disney has created a huge amount of rules that their actors need to follow. Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, or Scarlett Johhansson aren’t exempt from the litany of policies. Every single MCU actor must follow the Marvel policies. From Captain America to Ant Man. If anyone broke any of these rules, then their MCU employment may come to a swift end! Just ask some of the actors that did experience this! Who are we talking about? Well, you’ll find out when you watch the video!

In today’s ScreenRant video special, we’re going to look at some of the rules that Marvel devised. You lucky bunch. The video has a variety of different rules. Some rules dictate the public personas that the actors must show. Another rule looks at which other production companies that the thespians can’t work for. A different collection of rules include what the actors can be expected to do when on set. And finally a different bunch of rules that cover Marvel’s obsession with reducing the possibility of film leaks. So, strap in. Get your cape ready. And relax whilst we fill you in on Marvel’s collection of rules.

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