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25 SNEAKY Lies You Were Told About Space


You won’t believe the lies you were told about space. Some are small lies that have crept in through Hollywood and other entertainment mediums. But others are Big lies that have been shared via misinformation or even changed information. Check out these 25 sneaky lies you were told about space.

To be clear, most if not all of these lies are not intentional. Meaning, someone somewhere is not out to purposely deceive you. Rather, these space lies are due to misconceptions and entertaining exaggerations. However, the truth is sometimes as entertaining as the lie (so why live in the lie?). Check out these sneaky space lies (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below if you were fooled by any of these lies.'>


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The sun is yellow right? Well not really. The sun is actually white. We see it as a yellow orb because of our atmosphere….and colorized photographs. Speaking of the sun, did you know that the sun is a big ball of fire? If you did, then you’ve been lied to (presently by us). The sun is actually more like a big ball of nuclear fusion. Probably one of the biggest lies out there right now is Hollywood’s fault. If you’ve watched any of the Star Wars movies (SO EXCITED FOR DEC. 15th!), you’ve witness the lie. Sound…in space. Those * pewing * spaceships and roaring thrusters…lies. Space has no sound. Check out these 25 sneaky lies you were told about space.

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