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25 Most BIZARRE Cat Breeds Ever


Are you ready for the 25 most BIZARRE cat breeds? These bizarre cat breeds have cornered the market on cute and weird and will work their way into your heart. It’s unbelievable what these bizarre cat breeds look like and you’ll want to run out and meet them in person. You have to see these 25 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds!

The companion to our bizarre dog list (check it out here:, these cats are a sight to see. Some of these extraordinary cat breeds were bred for their odd looks. Other bizarre cats naturally adapted to their environments. From the strangest cat in the world to some adorable tiny cats, this list has them all. Many of these cats you may never see outside of an exotic cat show, so you have to check out this video! We bet you can’t guess which bizarre cat is number 1! Love bizarre cats? Check out these most bizarre cat breeds (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to let us know in the comments below which of these kitties will spend their nine lives with you!


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These bizarre cat breeds are downright adorable! From the wide selection of hairless cats (and boy are there a lot of them!) to the cute and cuddly Scottish Fold cat, these kitties are a buffet of adorable. If you’re looking for a cuddly cat, the Lamkin, LaPerm, and American Curl are just as hairy as their names suggest. If you’re in for something a little more wild looking, try the Pixie Bob (no, not the haircut), the Savannah cat, or the Highlander cat. And of course, for you grumpy cat fans, there’s the exotic shorthair to fulfill all your meme-based dreams! Keep watching to see the entire list and stay tuned to see number one of these 25 most bizarre cat breeds ever!

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