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25 Deleted Marvel Scenes You'll Never Get To See

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The hardest decision of every filmmaker is what to cut and what to leave in. Sometimes even director’s most favourite scenes have to be left out, whether it’s for time, continuity, or just to keep the story rolling. The Marvel universe is no different, and some of the scenes they cut are too good to be forgotten forever. From Iron Man playing Backgammon in a cave and throwing a party in Dubai and recommending the best hot dogs in the city, to a much darker opening to The Incredible Hulk that didn’t really start the movie off right. Thor was throwing cups all over the place in his first movie, and gets compared to Dumbo by Bruce Banner in Ragnarok. In Captain America, we see Steve mourn the loss of his friends, meet a pretty waitress, and have his credibility questioned by Howard Stark. In the first Avengers, a forgetful Loki loses his sceptre while plotting with The Other, and in Age Of Ultron, Thor’s premonition goes into much greater detail, while an entire other ending was shot that allowed Quicksilver to survive. We would have learned more about the sisters Gamora and Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy if one scene had been left in, and seen John C Reily struggle to make his suit stay lit. In Black Panther, Zuri tells T’Challa that T’Chaka had outgrown the Black Panther suit quite literally, and Ross wishes the king, “Good luck and many shoelaces!” Finally, in Spiderman Homecoming, a scene was cut that would have delved deeper into the relationship between Peter and his beloved Aunt May. While we’re sad to see some of these scenes go, we’re sure that the final films are better off for it, and since most are included in the DVD features, they’re hardly gone forever.

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