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25 COMMON MYTHS You Won’t Believe Are Actually True


Many people believe in common myths. You may think that most common myths are false, but in reality, some of them are true. These are 25 common myths you won’t believe are actually true.

Are you familiar with some of the common myths found on today’s list? Chances are, you probably are. See our full list of common myths you won’t believe are actually true (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave a comment on the video to let us know which of these common myths you thought were false:


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It may not come as a surprise that most of the common myths people believe in today are false. What IS surprising are the myths that turn out to be true. For example, the myth that most U.S. bills contain cocaine is actually true. The myth that celery is a negative calorie food is also true. Have you heard the myth that crickets can tell you the temperature outside? Well, this is true as well. Once you read our list of these and other common myths you are going to learn how all these myths are possible, including the myth about the secret club inside Disneyland, snakes swimming up your toilet, the Pentagon’s zombie preparation, and more. Check out these 25 common myths you won’t believe are actually true.

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