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24 mins chinese songs for kids | Nursery Rhymes | Baby Songs | Kids Videos | For Children | BabyBus

BabyBus - Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes

Stretching his arms kick the legs, the baby healthy and happy love sports! Shoot the ball that way, hop a plane! Skipping to the country to a tug of war! gogo Come on! Look Kiki Miu Miu dancing it, One child up to try it!

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The series introduction:
Baby Bus is the first trusted brand in early childhood educational software. The mobile applications are designed and developed specifically for preschoolers, and they are divided into two groups by age, the Starter Group for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3 and the Prodigy Group for children between the ages of 3 and 6.
The educational series in the Prodigy Group combines the main concepts of early childhood education to meet the needs of mastering different learning categories. The applications are aimed at the comprehensive and the analytic development in preschoolers.


00:01:09 Bunny:
00:02:16 Health song
00:05:13 elephant tug of war
00:07:27 dancing doll and bear
00:09:12 The children jumped up and dance
00:11:26 Let me try
00:12:49 shoot the ball
00:13:58 skipping song
00:15:13 Ode to the Motherland
00:17:27 gogo refueling
00:18:58 Bang Bangbang
00:21:02 do sports
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