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21 Invaluable Kitchen Hacks Few People Know Of


Did you know that boiling pasta and frying eggs might be easier than they already are? We’ve gathered some life hacks for preparing food, cleaning and organizing your cooking space.

Cooking Hacks 0:40
Remove seeds from vegetables 0:46
Remove excess fat from cooked food 1:18
Use film wrap 1:47
Peel citrus fruits 2:16
Make peeling boiled eggs easier 2:44
Squeeze more juice out of your citrus fruits 3:04
Grate soft cheese with less mess 3:28
Cut onions without tears 3:50
How to boil pasta 4:19
Roast a whole chicken 4:43
Parchment paper for cupcakes 5:06
Warm up baked items 5:27
Make perfect basted eggs 5:49

Storage Hacks
Keep cooking herbs 6:22
Store shelled nuts 6:43

Cleaning Hacks
Clean a cast iron frying pan 7:27
Rid your hands of unpleasant odors 7:55
Return metal kitchenware to its previous shine 8:16
Restore wooden spoons to life 8:39
Clean wooden chopping boards 9:11
Keep your recipes clean 9:36

- To quickly remove seeds from pumpkins or zucchinis, you can use an ice-cream scoop. Its sharp edge easily scrapes out seeds from veggies.
- If a dish you’ve cooked turns out to be unexpectedly rich, you can easily remove excess fat using a couple of ice cubes and a paper towel.
- Cold food wrap behaves better, sticking and tearing less, leading to less of that familiar feeling of exasperation.
- Add soda or vinegar to the water you boil the eggs in. These substances get inside the shells and make it easier to peel them off.
- To squeeze the last drops out of a lemon, first cool the fruit in the fridge. And then zap it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.
- The freezer will help you here, too. Put the onions in for 30 minutes before chopping them.
- When your roast a chicken whole, lay it on its breast. The breast contains most of the meat; the closest it is to the source of heat, the quicker it will cook through.
- When warming up pizza or other baked items in the microwave, put a cup of water in alongside it.
- If you freeze herbs in an ice-cube tray, their vitamin content is preserved. Try freezing them in water or olive oil.

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