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5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

Most of us don’t know that yarn is one of the best décor materials for your home. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and time on yarn crafts.
Pom poms are the easiest craft and look super cute when finished. Pompoms are small, fluffy balls that you can make your own will allow you to choose any color and texture of yarn you want. They are fast, fun, and easy to make. Watch our video and find a tutorial on how to make fluffy pillowcase with heart decoration.
Find out how to make DIY string yarn balls that might be a wonderful decoration idea for your home and party. Besides, this decoration idea will cost just a few backs but looks amazing! The supplies you will need yarn, balloons, white craft glue. You can choose any color that suits your room and different sizes! Have fun!
Using knotting and macramé, you can make awesome accessories from threads. For example, cute macramé paper clip earrings, turn simple yarn into pretty feathers that are so beautiful and simple, how to customize your sweater. The most awesome thing about this kind of accessories is that the more you make such things, the faster you make them because you acquire the necessary skill.
Organize your yarn easily – cut the bottom of the plastic bottle off, Insert the yarn, Pull the knitting end of the yarn through the bottle top.
Have you ever heard about yarn or string painting? Try this fun painting technique using pulled strings. Pulled string painting is sure to amaze people of many different ages. Check out this absolutely wonderful way of making abstract pictures and cards by your own hands.
One more crafty idea you can find watching the video is DIY heart string art. Find a piece of wood, a picture you like and nails!

00:43 Yarn ball for decoration
03:20 Cute panter decor
04:28 Yarn lamp
05:42 DIY yarn stars
06:52 DIY yarn earrings

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