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2019 Arnold Strongman Classic | Stone to Shoulder - Full Live Stream Event 5

Rogue Fitness

SBD Pro American - USA Powerlifting at 2019 Arnold Sports Festival. World Strongman getting ready for a Arnold Classic 2019. Madeleine Forberg - 1st Place 57 kg - A7 Pro Raw (Arnold) - 402.5 kg. BRIAN SHAW WINS Arnold Strongman Classic 2017. Atlas Stone to Shoulder | 2019 Arnold Strongman Qualifier. ANIMAL Presents: THE CAGE 2019. 2019 Rogue Record Breakers. ТАКОЙ БОДИБИЛДИНГ НЕ НУЖЕН - ИТОГИ АРНОЛЬД Классик-2019. 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic | Day One Live Stream. Watch Live: The 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman USA Qualifier.

posted by amper1un