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20 Mac Apps I Can't Live Without!

Snazzy Labs

These are the apps I install on every new Mac—I can't live without them!
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0:00 TinkerTool https://www.bresink.com/osx/TinkerToo...
3:51 CheatSheet https://www.mediaatelier.com/CheatSheet/
4:27 ImgOptim https://imageoptim.com/mac
5:28 Dropzone https://aptonic.com
7:19 IINA https://iina.io
7:57 Overcast https://overcast.fm
8:35 Alfred https://alfredapp.com
11:07 Mathpix Snip https://mathpix.com
12:55 Mockuuups Studio https://mockuuups.studio
13:54Front and Center https://hypercritical.co/frontandce...
15:37 TextSniper https://textsniper.app
17:00 Magnet https://magnet.crowdcafe.com
18:30 PDF Squeezer https://www.wittsoftware.com/pdfsque...
19:48 HomeControl https://apps.apple.com/us/app/homecon...
20:27 Reeder https://reederapp.com
22:12 Bartender https://www.macbartender.com
23:14 1Password https://1password.com
26:17 Fantastical https://flexibits.com/fantastical
27:52 Craft https://www.craft.do

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Snazzy Labs host Quinn Nelson shows you 20 Mac apps that he can't live without. From utilities, to power tools, to little widgets, these apps are some of the best for the Mac and you've got to try them out!

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