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2 Years Alone | Building Log Cabin like our Forefathers

Erik Grankvist

After building the log cabin alone in the forest for over a year, I now embark the next years challenges. Last year I ventured out, found a suitable spot, chopped down and dragged the necessary trees and shaped them into a four wall log cabin. You can see this in my "One Year Alone in Forest of Sweden | Building Log Cabin like our Forefathers" video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBX5q...

This year I build the log structure for the roof, lay the complete roof and floor, build an underground root cellar under the log cabin for food storage and prepping and much more.

I am now 21 and have built this log cabin from the materials i could find in my own forest in Sweden with only the simple hand tools I could carry in my backpack. Just like our Forefathers did. I had no previous experience in building, gathering materials or even filming. So I started studying the old arts myself and learning from my grandfather and mentor Åke Nilsson. I filmed everything myself using a tripod and edited this video so you can follow my journey and hopefully learn as I do.

There is still a lot of work left to actualize my dream. To become selfreliant. For example I want to start a full out garden so I can live out here only reliant on that and the forest. Big goal and a lot of work. So if you are interested in my journey then definitely subscribe to the channel.

The clothes I am wearing is from Revolution Race a Swedish brand. These clothes I use on a daily basis while I am working, hunting and so on. I have now partnered up with Revolution Race and received a discount code, that you can also use to get 15% off: GRANKVIST15
This is their website:


From Forest To Log Cabin: (0:00)
Where Is The Door?: (1:39)
Log Cabin Roof Structure Using Only Logs: (2:44)
Fitting Inner Roof Into Log Cabin: (7:18)
Chopping Down The Logs To Fit The Roof: (9:22)
Overnighting A Snowstorm: (10:41)
Need To Take A Bath: (12:20)
Finishing The Wooden Roof: (13:37)
Taking A Ski Trip To A Sauna: (17:07)
Making A Trail Through The Woods Using The Woodchips From Log Cabin: (20:15)
Digging For Something?: (21:09)
Burning The Barge Boards For Preservation: (23:16)
Need To Clean Up: (28:18)
Splitting Stones: (29:35)
Cleaning The Walls In The Log Cabin, Nice Finish: (34:17)
Vorsteh Puppy: (35:57)
Collecting Birch Bark For Log Cabin Roof: (41:48)
Reusing Abandoned Old Clay Tiles: (49:17)
Just Living: (58:51)
What Is This Going To Be?: (1:06:16)
A RootCellar?: (1:14:25)
Floor In Log Cabin: (1:20:38)
Hunting Trip: (1:30:17)
Secret Hatch Under The Log Cabin: (1:36:10)
Crafting A Ladder Down The Root Cellar: (1:38:52)
Bushcraft Shelf From A Log Using Only Axe: (1:42:26)
Gathering Food For Root Cellar Under Log Cabin: (1:56:18)
Celebratory Moose Meal!!: (2:00:35)

posted by Kigwadx