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ヨッシーと一緒2 along with Yoshi 2 by ねこ ~ World Record! - Super Mario Maker - No Commentary

Nintendo Thumb

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- New Mario Maker courses All Day Every Day!
- Top-ranked recent courses.
- From start to the flagpole/axe with codes at the beginning of the video to play them yourself.


Nintendo Thumb does not accept course requests of any kind.

This channel aims to be as an archive of user created levels in Super Mario Maker and it's important to show authentic gameplay footage unedited as seen on actual hardware. So, no voice overs covering the audio, and no face in the corner looking at a video game, a minuscule unnoticeable watermark, and absolutely no cut content from the gameplay.


The feed shows the newest videos, but, maybe you want to watch one after the other; well, for every new level that gets uploaded, it gets added to the playlist.



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