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米空母「フランクリン」を大破させた緩降下爆撃1945.3.19(Two bombs that were allowed to

tokino kikoku



USA aircraft carrier USS Franklin (CV-13)
During combat the Franklin was struck by two armor piercing bombs dropped by a Japanese

Zero aircraft. At least one penetrated the flight deck, setting off a series of

explosions that crippled the ship. There were over 1000 casulties including 724 KIA.

Despite terrible fires and internal explosions, the crew managed to hold on and fought

desperately to keep the ship afloat. The USS Santa Fe (CL-60) aided the ship and provided

fire suppression. Eventually the ship was saved, towed to Pearl Harbor Hawaii by the USS

Pittsburgh (CA-72) and returned to New York harbor under its own power.


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大戦で活躍した航空母艦『千代田』とは!?. 2ch 太平洋戦争 日本海軍 空母 龍驤 蒼龍 飛龍 赤城 加賀. メキシコ麻薬戦争の最前線. [日本軍] 九七式重爆撃機 WW2 Japanese Mitsubishi Ki-21'Sally'. 三菱 四式重爆撃機「飛龍」. 大和型戦艦の設計に影響を与えた「イギリス戦艦ネルソン級」とは?. ディスカバリーチャンネル 潜水艦:内での生活. エンタープライズ vs 武蔵. 特集イラク 2部. 空母対決で翔鶴の九九艦爆がエンタープライズに爆弾命中 東部ソロモン海戦.

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