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1929 - Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US

guy jones

Compilation of sound interviews with some of the oldest people living in the United States in 1929. Footage is from the early Movietone sound cameras. Condensed/worked on footage. Same video with fixed sound sync - 1928-1929: Early Sound Footage of Havana, Cuba. Apr. 14, 1931 - Scenes at a Yankees vs Red Sox Game, NYC (real sound). *CW* Early Sound Footage (1920s-early 30s) *CW*. 1979 Wall Street Interviews - Are They Any Different From Now? 1929 - Early Sound Footage of New York City. Old NYC Union Guys Know How To Argue. Tech Before Its Time: 1800's! AMAZING FOOTAGE! How the Edwardians Spoke [signed]. March 1930 - Street Interviews on Women's Fashion, NYC (real sound). American life in Early 40's - 1942.

posted by tempunai0e