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18 Riddles Only People with a PhD Can Solve


In order to develop creative thinking, some psychologists advise solving different riddles and quizzes. Such exercises develop critical thinking, improve memory, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Bright Side prepared 18 riddles of varying complexity that will help you both train your brain and entertain yourself. You'll have only 10 seconds after each puzzle to figure out the right answer. We're sure that despite all our attempts to confuse you, you will be able to solve all the riddles correctly.

1. A Halloween murder mystery 0:41
2. A scary monster riddle 1:38
3. The odd one out 2:27
4. A mysterious object 2:53
5. A tragedy in the tropics 3:32
6. A murder in a hotel 4:28
7. A spy on the ship 5:30
8. A weird creature 6:38
9. Guess the object 7:09
10. A blind eye 7:39
11. Strange cheese 8:02
12. The stolen diamond 8:30
13. Colorful houses 9:31
14. A miraculous organ 10:12
15. A road accident 10:35
16. Can you spot the odd object here? 11:23
17. The slowest in the race 11:53
18. Two labyrinths 11:51 #riddles #puzzles #detectiveriddles

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- 1. It was a dark Halloween night. Mark was found dead in the forest. The detective who was called to investigate saw fingerprints on the victim’s neck and understood that the man had been strangled. The police arrested 4 suspects. Nick was dressed as a werewolf, Damian was wearing a costume of Captain Hook, Hannah was a mummy, and Chris was dressed as a zombie. Who was the murderer?
- 2. I sit and wait with pointed fangs. When the time comes, I sink my teeth into the poor soul that has found itself between my powerful jaws. The force of my bite is so strong that I can crunch down on several victims at once. Can you guess what I am in 10 seconds?
- 3. Can you spot the odd emoji among these contenders?
- 4. I can be sand, I can be the sun, and I can even be a bird! What am I? Well, isn't this a tricky one?
- 5. John and Lucy went on their honeymoon to a tropical island. On the first day there, they went to a local market and bought a big watermelon. In the afternoon, they ate the watermelon on the beach. It was so delicious that they ate the whole thing. But an hour later, John died. Lucy was in shock when the autopsy showed that it was poisoning. How so?
- 6. A rich man stopped in a hotel in a small town. There were no other guests in the hotel at that time. Unfortunately, the man was killed during a blackout that happened later that night. Who is the murderer?
- 7. The captain of a huge liner found out that there was a spy among his crew. He understood who the spy was in a matter of seconds. Can you do the same?
- 8. I have 13 hearts but not a single organ more. Am I a marine monster? Do I live underground? Can you guess my nature in just 10 seconds?
- 9. What has 10 letters and starts with gas?
- 10. What has an eye but cannot see?
- 11. Do you know a type of cheese that’s made backwards? Whoa, how on Earth do they do that
- 12. A unique diamond was on exhibition in a famous museum. The next morning, it was announced that the diamond had indeed been stolen. How did it happen?
- 13. A pink house is made of pink bricks, it has a pink door and pink window frames. A blue house is made of blue bricks, it has a blue door and blue window frames. So, in that case, what is a green house made of?
- 14. I'm the only organ that has named itself. Can you guess what I am?
- 15. It was a rainy day in a small town. Lily was crossing the road when a green car hit her and drove away. Can you figure out who the driver that hit Lily is?
- 16. Time to switch on your observation skills again! Can you spot an odd emoji in this picture?
- 17. What did the wise man advise his sons?
- 18. These labyrinths look pretty much the same, don't they? However, only one of them consists of two separate parts. Will 10 seconds be enough for you to figure out which one?

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