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18 Creatures You Dont Wanna Run Into in The Wild

Bored Badger

There are animals you wouldn’t want to see out in the wild, and then there are some animals you don’t ever want to see anywhere. Here are 18 Crazy Creatures You Don’t Want To Run Into In The Wild, or anywhere else for that matter.

#7 - The Brazilian Wandering Spider
This terrifying creature holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most venomous spider. One of the worst things about the scary spider pictured here is that they live in so many places and they love to adventure. They aren’t called “wandering” spiders for nothing, they literally wander wherever they want, and since they are one of the deadliest spiders in the world, that poses a problem for us humans. The best part is that if a male is bitten by one of these spiders, they will have a painful four-hour erection before they fall over dead. As if it couldn’t get any worse for us.

#6 - The Black Caiman
At an average of sixteen feet long, the black caiman is the largest species of caiman in the world as well as the largest predator in the Amazon basin. With self-replacing teeth and the most acidic stomach bile in the animal kingdom, this scaly beast is almost at the top of our list of things to avoid. The stomach bile allows them to digest everything from bones to shells, and from teeth to any jewelry you might have been wearing. Just another crazy creature to add to your list of things you never want to run into in the wild.

#5 - The Bullet Ant
The bullet ant is about as much fun as the name implies. The insect is known to live anywhere from the rainforests of Nicaragua to the east of Honduras to the south of Paraguay, so there is plenty of room for you to stumble across this not so little guy. Although this species of ant are larger than others, this one packs a punch sure to knock you off your feet. The sting you get from a bullet ant is supposedly equivalent to the feeling of being shot. If you wanted to see just how much these little ants hurt, look up one of the many YouTube videos of people stinging themselves with a bullet ant stinger. We are not a species that was meant to survive, clearly.

#4 - Boomslang
The beautifully hued snake you see in these pictures doesn’t often attack humans, but when they do, their victims bleed until they die. Although they generally run away from anything they can’t eat, they do eat smaller animals like frogs, birds, and rodents by swallowing them whole. Like we said before, they don’t tend to cross the path of a human being, but if they find one and are looking to strike, you had better watch out. Not only does this African snake’s venom have a hemotoxin which doesn’t allow the blood to clot, but the boomslang can open its jaw to a 170-degree angle! With a bite like that, you need to stay out of Africa entirely.

#3 - Sarcastic Fringehead
After seeing this crazy creature, we think “sarcastic” needs to be the last thing this is called. You can avoid this small but hardy fish by never stepping foot into the Pacific ocean ever again. They have been found off the coast of North America from San Fran all the way down to the middle of Baja California. These fish are very territorial and will fight or eat anything that tries to tell it otherwise. This is not a fish we are trying to swim with.

#2 - The Siberian Weasel
Some may think that weasels are adorable little pets that are much like strange dogs. We, however, know better, and we advise you to stay away too. Native to Asia, the Siberian weasel mostly hunts small to medium-sized rodents. In Chinese folklore, the Siberian weasel is seen as a wandering spirit that comes to steal and replace other people’s souls. This coupled with the fact that they can still give you diseases and probably rip your face off while it’s at it, means that the crazy weasel creature you see pictured here makes in on our “don’t touch that animal” list.

#1 - The Tse Tse Fly
Flies, to begin with, are gross, carry disease, and land on all your food. The Tse Tse fly is the horrible cousin to every other annoying fly you’ve ever encountered in your life. Found in rural Africa, this species of fly is the primary carrier of the African Sleeping Sickness. Also called African trypanosomiasis, the African Sleeping Sickness which, among other things, causes fever, joint pain, itching and later, death. There are a reported 3,500 deaths due to the disease. In addition to the one we just mentioned, the Tse Tse fly is indirectly responsible for killing up to a quarter million people each year from the spread of other diseases. If you wanted just one thing to avoid for the rest of your life, the Tse Tse fly would be a damn good choice. Pets You Should NEVER Release In The Wild! 10 Shockingly Large Creatures That Actually Exist. STRANGE Secrets In US Money. Weirdest Discoveries Made in the Jungle. Cat Has Rarest Condition, Changes Colors In Front Of Owner’s Eyes. 10 Guard Dogs You Don't Want To Mess With. National Geographic Wild Worlds Weirdest Freaks Of Nature CONVERT HDTV XviD AFG. The Pawn Stars Were FORCED To Kick Out This Customer... 10 Shocking Things Found In Your Favourite Foods! ANACONDA FEEDING + REPTILE HOUSE TOUR!!!

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