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18 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

Jaw-Dropping Facts

In this video, we'll talk about the top 18 common mistakes dog owners make.

Giving Bones to Your Dog
Bones are a good source of nutrients and chewing stimulates saliva enzymes, helps treat plaque buildup on teeth, and prevent gum disease in your dog. However, many vets believe it just isn’t worth the risk of serious injuries to give your dog a bone.
Bones can break and splinter into tiny, sharp pieces that can cut your dog’s mouth, throat or digestive organs.
Hot summer walks
In hot summer days, the pavement is hot enough to cause burns, tissue damage, and potentially to scar your dog’s sensitive paws after just one minute of contact.
Ingredients matter
Improper feeding can lead to obesity, malnutrition and many health issues. Always monitor the calories in your chosen pet food and adhere to the suggested serving sizes.
According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over 50% of dogs and cats in the US are obese or overweight.
Neglecting breedspecific characteristics
Every dog breed has different needs. Climatic conditions, physical exercise, room or space availability, and grooming requirements are some of the things to be considered when caring for your dog.
And remember, before actually getting a dog, one should understand what breed suits your lifestyle best.
Risking a Lost Dog
Many dogs are lost every day. Make sure to add an identification tag to your dog’s collar. And remember, microchipping makes it even easier to identify lost dogs whose tags or collars may have been cut off.
Taking puppies to dog parks.
Taking young puppies to dog parks is a bad idea. First of all, young puppies don’t have all the vaccinations, which means they are susceptible to diseases and infections. Secondly, other dogs can be aggressive towards your puppy.
Toxic Flea Repellents
Many of the pharmaceutical pest repellents are dangerous for animals. Make sure to use pest control sprays that are safe for pets and don’t contain toxic chemicals.
Not adjusting their collar
Dogs grow and put on weight. It’s important to change the collar size from time to time.
Early Exposure
Socializing a dog is one of the most important things a dog owner can do, especially with a puppy! The more people and animals that your pooch is exposed to early on in their life, the better. It helps to lessen fears and have a welladjusted happy dog.
Thinking that all human food is good for dogs
Some pet owners think that dogs' instincts guide them about what food is safe for them. But this is not true. Many human foods, such as vegetables and fruits, can wreak havoc on a dog’s body, causing severe health problems.
Neglecting Their Dental Hygiene and Grooming
Like humans, dogs need regular dental care. Their teeth are often home to hundreds of bacteria and need to be brushed just like yours do.
Grooming helps maintain a healthy coat and prevents matting or skin diseases. And remember, regular nail trims help reinforce healthy posture and foot structure, and reduces the risk of infection.
If your dog gets sick and you don’t have any insurance, the costs are likely to be much higher than you anticipated. Make sure to get your pet insured before it is too late.
Dogs age quickly, sometimes 10 times faster than humans, and yearly exams can help to detect problems that can be treated early.
Not Offering Enough Exercise and Activity
Lack of exercise and activity can lead to behavioral issues and health problems. The more you play and exercise your pup, the less chewing, jumping and barking you will get. But remember, shortnosed breeds like pugs and bulldogs have respiratory issues and are not capable of running long distances.
Leaving dogs alone in the car
It takes only minutes for a pet left in a vehicle to succumb to heatstroke and suffocation. Dogs don’t sweat and have a hard time adjusting to heat than humans.
Putting flowers on the table
Some plants or flowers are toxic to dogs. The most toxic plants are Ivy, lilies, chrysanthemums, tomato plants, and tulips.
Using harsh cleaning products
Many cleaning products used in our homes are toxic to dogs.
Dogs lick their paws and ingest those toxins. Any product that contains bleach or ammonia is hazardous to animals.
Thinking they’ll grow out of it
Dogs do not grow out of a bad behavior. If you don’t stop unwanted behaviors, they will get worse.
Using the Wrong Shampoo
Many dog shampoos that look natural often still contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs. Using a human shampoo on dogs can disrupt their skin composition, leaving your pup vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and parasites.
Not being on the Same Page
If you live with other people, make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations and training of your dog. If your pup is not allowed on the couch, everyone should discourage him from doing so.
Not cleaning their feet after walks
A quick wipe of dog's paws is important to clean dirt, bacteria, skin irritants or harmful chemicals from the streets.

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