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18 Commands That Will Change The Way You Use Linux Forever


When it comes to using Linux, there's usually a few ways to accomplish a task. Here are eighteen commands that will change the way you use Linux forever. Whether you're a Linux newbie or a seasoned SysAdmin, you'll find this video helpful.

0:00 Introduction
0:38 Navigating Directories
2:02 Clearing the Terminal
3:48 Navigating Directories with a Different Tool
5:45 Minimizing an App
7:36 Restoring an App
8:44 Repeating the Last Command with sudo
10:03 Review the Command History
11:28 A Better Way to Run Previous Commands
13:21 Making Previous History Search Even Better With Timestamps
17:07 Take the Blue Pill
19:17 Adjust Font Size
20:17 Clearing a Line
20:51 Moving to the Front of the Line
21:10 Moving to the End of the Line
22:03 Chaining Commands Together
25:49 Tailing Files
26:41 Truncating Files
28:03 Using the Column Command
29:13 Conclusion

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