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There are so many cool crafts that you can make with clay and concrete! These simple materials are truly the sources of eternal crativity and fun. In this video we collected the coolest and the newest life hacks and creative ideas that can help you to make your home and a better and a brighter place. All these crafts can serve as amazing gifts to your friends and family members.

You can make an awesome and very stylish bowl using...cauliflower! Sounds really incredible, doesn't it? It leaves very beautiful prints over wet cement, and we decided to use it while making a beuatiful bowl for jewelry. Only imagination is your limit. Another cool wet cement idea is a bowl with a leaf print.

Cement is one of the coolest materials when it comes to creating pots and vases. It's really cheap and easy to work with. Ask you parents to help you with cement and pour a little bit of wet cement into a bottom of a silicon muffin tray. Put an egg into the middle and when the mixture gets dry, you'll get a cute and stylish pot for some small plants or candle holders. They look awesome, don't they? You can make a bigger pot using a bottle and a plastic cup as your stencils.

If you pour cement or concrete into a apir of disposable gloves, and place them in a bowl to get dry, you can make a cute pot in a shape of hands. It looks adorable! You can also paint them your favorite color.

Another amazing material for crafting is polymer clay. You can find a lot of awesome polymer clay crafts in this video!

Have a good time crafting!


0:50 – Easy polymer clay ideas
03:04 – Awesome hydrogum craft
03:58 – DIY plasticine
06:05 – Hands pot


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