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18 Animals You Won't Believe Are Best Friends


Because best friends don’t always look alike.

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This Is Home
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Media c/o Lisa Rogak and One Big Happy Family: Heartwarming Stories of Animals Caring for One Another

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Billy Boxer and Lily Goat
Richard Austin/Rex USA

Baboon Bushbaby
REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya 

Hilda hen ducks
Bournemouth News / Rex Features

Dog and Monkey
Top Photo Group/Rex USA 

Dog and Squirrel Drysdale
John Drysdale

Orangutan and cubs 1
Splash News

Springer spaniel lamb rexusa
Richard Austin/Rex USA

Dog and Piglet
Maurice Gray/Caters News

Dog and Duckling 

Dog and Badger
Richard Austin/Rex USA

Dog Akita and Lion cub
Mike Hollist / Daily Mail/Rex/Rex USA

Koa Lab Bunnies 1 rexusa
Tina Case/Rex Features

Lisha golden 3
Cango Wildlife Ranch

Lisha golden 4
Cango Wildlife Ranch

Dog and Kangaroo 1
Newspix/Rex USA

Cow and Lambs
Stephen Barker/Rex USA

Chicken puppies
Adam Harnett/Caters

Edgar pig and lamb
Alex Coppel/Newspix/Rex/Rex USA

Dog marmoset Drysdale
John Drysdale

Rabbit kittens 1
Northscot Press Agency/Rex USA

Sugar cat squirrel 2 rexusa
Nils Jorgensen/Rex USA


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