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17 Roles In Hollywood Everyone Went After


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Some characters are destined to steal the show. But when it comes time to cast roles, crazy things can happen, and it's impossible to predict who will end up in front of the cameras when they start rolling. It may be hard to imagine, but some of your favorite movies and TV shows almost featured someone else entirely in the leading role. Here's a list of roles everyone in Hollywood wanted to play…

Young Han Solo | 0:25
Rey | 1:20
Wonder Woman | 2:07
James Bond | 2:52
Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele | 3:51
Harry Potter | 4:42
Clarice Starling | 5:26
Katniss Everdeen | 6:22
Amy Dunne | 7:01
Vivian Ward | 7:48
Michael Corleone | 8:19
Batman | 8:51
Ferris Bueller | 9:24
Dr. Evil | 9:50
Rachel Green | 10:17
Scarlett O'Hara | 10:49

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