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17 - Dizzy DROS - Koun Makentch Ana (feat. Muslim)

Dizzy DROS

Album '3azzy 3ando Stylo' out November 22, 2013
Download: http://apple.co/1TxMY5q
Stream online: http://bit.ly/1OjR5R1
Bandcamp: http://dizzydros.bandcamp.com/

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Track #17 - Koun Makentch Ana feat. Muslim

Written by: Omar Souhaili, Mohammed El Hadi Mezouri
Produced by: Teekay
Recorded by: Amine Hamdoune @ HMDi Prod Studio, Casablanca
Mixed by: Ali Faraoui @ Plein Les Oreilles Studio, Casablanca
Mastered by: Cass Irvine @ Wired Masters, London

© 2013 Dizzy DROS.

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