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⛈️ 167 MPH WINDS Tropical Cyclone Debbie Storm Frank Hurricane Ida Katrina worst ever EP.355

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My STRONGEST Tropical Storm / Cyclone ever 200 MPH WINDS
Worst Hurricane season will be just like this! Catastrophic hurricane.
Just like Tropical storm Frank, Storm Eunice, Ida, Hurricane Katrina, Tyhoon Minduella, Tropical Cyclone Gulab worst on record ever! If you watch storm chasers chasing extreme tornados you will like this.

Cyclone Debbie a category 4 severe Tropical Cyclone crossed the Queensland Coastline . This weather system was one of the most destructive Cyclones to ever hit the Whitsunday area, the area that includes Whitsunday Islands, Proserpine, Bowen, Collinsville and Mackay. Cyclone Debbie caused havoc with winds in excess of 263km/h at the peak of the ordeal.

Winds like these are very destructive and will leave over 65,000 homes without power, some for months. I survived the cyclone by hiding under a very sturdy coffee table that I built myself over 20 years ago. Many houses weren’t as lucky as I was, despite receiving $11,000 worth of damage, I feel lucky to have only sustained that. Some houses especially in Shute Harbour and on Hamilton Island are completely destroyed. I wouldn't want to be camping in a storm.


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