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16 Ways You Are Hurting Your Dog Without Realizing

Jaw-Dropping Facts

In this video, we will talk about 16 common mistakes dog owners unknowingly make when they are caring for their canine companions.

Segregation From the Pack
Dogs are pack animals. For a domestic dog, you are their pack and family.
If you’re constantly pushing your dog away or ignoring them when they try to climb in your lap and give you kisses, you’re not only depriving them of affection, but going against their nature.
Letting your dog stick its head out of a moving vehicle
Allowing a dog’s head to be exposed on the road can be dangerous. Branches, rocks or other debris could collide with the animal’s head. The wind also carries dust and foreign objects that could harm your dog’s eyes. Ear damage is another concern. Even worse, the dog might feel the impulse to jump out of a moving car.
Giving Your Dog Bones
Many vets believe it just isn’t worth the risk of serious injuries to give your dog a bone. Giving dogs a real bone could be deadly. The bone could shatter and puncture their esophagus, stomach or intestines. Your dog could even break a tooth, get a tongue or mouth injury, or have an obstruction that could require surgery.
If you’d like to give your pup a bone to chew, avoid giving your pup cooked bones of any kind as they can break and splinter into tiny, sharp pieces that can cut your dog’s mouth, throat or digestive organs.
Yelling when your dog misbehaves
Yelling is another thing you should never do when disciplining your canine. It doesn’t work, just like physical punishment doesn’t. You're just freaking out your pet.
Not keeping your dog stimulated
Dogs need as much mental and physical stimulation as people do. Your dog not only needs exercise but they also need to be exposed to different smells, sights, and sounds. It makes their brain work better.
Choosing the wrong collar
As a responsible dog owner, it’s important that you choose the right type of collar for your canine.
A Flatbuckle collar is a plain collar that snaps or buckles closed. This is a great option for dogs that don’t pull on the leash, and aren’t prone to slipping out of the collar.
If your canine is a puller or likes to explore as far as they can reach, using a harness might be a better option. A front clip harness in particular is an effective method to avoid leashpulling.
Not making socialization a priority
Dogs who aren’t properly socialized will have a fear of new or unusual circumstances. This results in the release of adrenaline hormones that increase blood pressure, as well as heart and respiration rates.
Using physical punishment.
It’s important to discipline your dog but physical punishment should never be the way to do it. Rewardbased training is much more effective than physical punishment. Reward based training helps build trust and strong bond between the dog and their owner.
Neglecting breedspecific characteristics ​
Some breeds require specific grooming needs, and others have predispositions to certain health issues.
Pushedin face breeds such as Pugs, Bulldogs, Pomeranians, and Boxers are extremely prone to heat stroke due to their narrow airways and nostrils.
Some longhair breeds such as Huskies or Alaskan Malamute have very thick coats and need extra care if kept in tropical climates.
Bringing puppies to a dog park
Taking young puppies to dog parks is a bad idea. First of all, young puppies don’t have all the vaccinations.
Secondly, not every dog is as friendly as your pooch. Other dogs can be aggressive towards your pup
Leaving a Dog Alone in a Car
Never ever leave your dog alone in an enclosed car.
Dogs don’t sweat like humans, and they overheat much faster than you think. They lack the ability to cool themselves off efficiently.
Not securing your dog in the car
People use seat belts, children use car seats, so why would the case be any different for your dog. If you don’t secure your fourlegged friend in the car and you end up in a car accident, your dog can get seriously injured or even killed.
Using harsh cleaning products
Many cleaning products used in our homes are toxic to dogs.
Always check the label. Any product that contains bleach or ammonia is hazardous to animals.
Letting Your Dog Eat Everything
Giving dogs human food isn’t good for them. Most times the food you eat are too fatty, too spicy or too salty for your canine. Make sure to avoid feeding them human food, even little crumbles from the table.
You Don’t Take Care of Your Pet’s Teeth
Like humans, dogs need regular dental care. Their teeth are home to hundreds of bacteria and need to be brushed just like yours do.
Skipping flea, tick, and worming treatments
Preventive flea, worm, tick, and heartworm treatment is crucial when caring for a dog.
On that note, remember that heartworm disease is a serious disease that results in heart failure, organ damages, and death in pets. Take sure to get your dogs tested for heartworm infection every 12 months.

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