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16 Japanese Etiquette Rules Most Foreigners Break


What do common manners and customs in Japan include? We all know that Japanese people are extremely polite and welcoming, that's why many travelers try to learn at least a few key Japanese etiquette rules. Don’t worry, the locals are so kind and understanding! Still, save yourself the blushing and try to avoid etiquette mistakes in Japan!

Do you know, for example, that shaking hands is nothing but bad manners in Japan? Well, if you're a foreigner, nobody will scold you. Japanese people are used to shaking hands with Westerners. But if you want to blend in, you should bow when meeting people, thanking someone, or apologizing. But do NOT bow back when you're a customer, for example, in hotels, restaurants, or stores!

Don't fill your own glass 0:40
Don't leave tips 1:12
Don't shake hands 2:35
Don't hand money directly to the cashier 3:11
Clean yourself in the shower before getting into a bathtub 3:27
Remove your shoes before entering a restaurant 3:48
NEVER stick your chopsticks in a rice bowl vertically 4:15
How to eat soup using chopsticks 5:54
Show proper respect to people's business cards 6:05
Don't rush to open the taxi door 6:36
Don't show too much skin 6:52
Be careful with your wet umbrella 7:35
Don't answer phone calls when you're on a train 7:48

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