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Hidden iPhone Features Most People Don't Know

Payette Forward

David & David tell you 16 iOS 16.3 secrets! These are things Apple didn't tell you about Lock Screens, the iPhone 14 Pro Camera, and more.

Download the ProRAW image compression Shortcut:

1. Merge Duplicate Photos [0:15]
2. WiFi Password Sharing [0:41]
3. Haptic Feedback [1:21]
4. Recover Deleted Messages [1:45]
5. Edit Sent Messages [2:01]
6. Mark Messages As Unread [2:15]
7. Identify Objects In Pictures [2:40]
8. Lock Screen Depth Effect [3:06]
9. Schedule Send [3:42]
10. Unit Conversions [4:01]
11. Business ID [4:25]
12. AirPods Settings [5:11]
13. Face ID In Landscape Mode [5:36]
14. Secure Notes With Face ID [5:46]
15. 48 Megapixel Photos [6:08]
16. Prevent Lock To End Call [8:12]

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