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We all are familiar with life’s main indispensable safety rules. However, sometimes we find ourselves facing an unexpected situation that makes us feel confused and at a loss for what to do. Today, Bright Side wants to remind its viewers of a few important facts that will be helpful in dealing with any unforeseen predicament! Pay attention to fact number 2 as knowing this rule has already saved many lives!

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How to recognize a poisonous snake 0:38
Never use a cell phone while walking 1:25
Adjust your car’s mirrors 1:47
Have the right clothes for cold weather 2:20
Inflate your life jacket after exiting the aircraft 2:50
How to prevent the danger of choking 3:23
Always carry antiallergy pills 4:17
Remember The Rule of Three 4:39
How to put out a grease fire 5:03
Never remove a sharp object from a wound 5:30
Be careful during takeoff and landing 5:57
If caught in a fire, stay close to the ground 6:23
If you suddenly feel unwell, only ask one person for help 6:45
Always carry a powerful flashlight 7:10
Memorize the rules of conduct in case of fire 7:39
Always carry documents that verify your identity 8:06

Never use a cell phone while walking. This can cause you to lose track of your surroundings, becoming blind to any possible dangers such as a speeding car that might suddenly come your way.
To eliminate blind spots when driving, you need to adjust your car’s mirrors correctly. Adjust the side mirrors in such a way as to be barely able to see the edges of your vehicle.
Ensure that your body temperature does not fall too quickly by wearing woolen clothes — such clothes are excellent at absorbing moisture. Cotton and other fabrics are poor moisture absorbers — wearing clothes made from such materials will cause you to freeze in no time at all.
You never know when an allergic reaction might strike. Make sure always to have antiallergy (antihistamine) drugs at hand.
Bear in mind that your body’s endurance limits are most often determined by The Rule of Three. As numerous studies have shown, on average people can live 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter in extreme weather conditions, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.
In a case of vegetable oil catching fire on a gas stove, firefighters warn never to use water when trying to extinguish burning fat or oil. Water particles will immediately end up at the bottom of the pan and begin to evaporate, which will make the flames even stronger.
Medical experts say that under no circumstances should you remove a knife or any other sharp object from a wound. As long as the blade stays in the wound, it prevents bleeding — possibly the most dangerous consequence of any stabbing.
Experts note that the greatest threat during a fire comes from carbon monoxide fumes, not burns. To avoid inhaling toxic smoke, try to stay as close to the floor as possible — right until you vacate the danger area.
You should only ask one person for help in a public place because of a welldocumented psychological phenomenon, known as diffusion of responsibility.
Personal safety experts recommend this simple gadget as an effective weapon in case of stalking or a sudden ambush. If you notice a suspiciouslooking person, who is preparing to attack you, shine a powerful flashlight directly into his or her face.
All too often, when faced with a neverbeforeexperienced crisis, we tend to freeze up and do nothing to save ourselves. That is why survival specialists always advise to check out the emergency exit map in any building you happen to frequent.
Make sure to always carry some ID papers on your person. These documents should include medical information (such as your blood type, allergic reactions, etc.). This way, if something unexpected occurs, even a complete stranger will be able to offer you quick assistance.

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