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15 Years of Technomadia 15 Lessons from the Road


15 years.. just.. wow.

I can hardly believe that is how long it's been since I pulled out of the driveway of my comfortable beachside home in a super tiny [email protected] travel trailer with this guy I had met on a Prius forum.

Since we registered the domain name of and started sharing this journey together. So that means it's also Technomadia's anniversary. 

Oh, the places we have gone, the adventures we have had, the obstacles we've overcome and the growth we've had as individuals and as a couple.

Join us for this heartfelt retrospective sharing our story with lessons we've learned over the years. This is a long one, and just us talking. Don't expect anything fancy.

If you prefer to read along, you can catch our 15 Year Retrospective Blog Series at:

Opening song:
'Straight Up' by Shakiban

Camera Gear Used:
iPhone 13Pro Max
Mavic 2 Pro Drone:
Shure MV88 Microphone:

We're Cherie & Chris and we've been full time technomads since 2006. We are owned by Kiki (meow).

We have a fleet of nomadic vessels that we split our time between a 1961 GM 4106 vintage bus, a 1999 Bayliner 4788 motor yacht and a 2016 Travato 59G van conversion. You'll find RV, van and boat life content here, as we feel inspired to share sometimes topical, sometimes travelogues, sometimes just hanging out.

We love sharing a slice of our life with others, and also blog at, Facebook and Instagram. We use the name 'Technomadia' in all those places. Come join the adventure however you choose!

Income generation is NOT a goal of ours under the 'Technomadia' brand we do this for fun. While not an expectation, sharing the love back sure keep us inspired to keep sharing. Ways you can say thanks here: (but honestly, leaving comments is awesome!)

Our full time 'job' is running the Mobile Internet Resource Center, where we track and educate RVers and cruisers on their options for keeping connected. Come join us at for news, guides, reviews and courses. We also have a dedicated YouTube channel you can subscribe to. Through member funding, we can give away a lot of free content and our members get even more.

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